Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Year Resolutions

I know it is a little late in the day for New Year Resolutions but what the heck, this is my blog and I can be as tardy as I want to be!

  1. No prizes for guessing this one. Shall exercise more and eat healthy. As I type this one, realization dawns upon me that this has been one of my New Year resolutions for the past 10 years. Talk about consistency, over the past ten years I have changed countless postal addresses, acquired degrees, got sucked into the big bad corporate world and changed my marital status, yet this one steadfastly occupies its rightful position as the number one resolution for the new year!!!! To set the record straight I do exercise and try and not succumb to the temptation of the fast food onslaught all the time. (But its criminal to ignore chocolates for a long time, infact its unhealthy to ignore chocolates, there is talk about dark chocolate reducing blood pressure and being a potent antioxidant. So that’s that; chocolate is healthy and I shall be having more of it in the New Year!!)
  2. Learn a new sport. Well this was also on my last year’s resolution list. Without sounding like I am bragging I did learn how to swim last year and am ready to take on more grueling and competitive sporting and physical challenges. Okay don’t take that seriously just teach me how to hit the ball with the racket.
  3. Read more and read more of what I have not read till now. For the past few years I have been trying to break out of the reading comfort list. So no more pretentious Indian writers writing in English with familiar themes, verbose and highly complex sentences but with no beginning, middle and end to the story. Having said that Vikram Seth is still my favorite author.
  4. Write more. My blogging frequency is abysmal. Will work on improving the track record.
  5. Rekindle my love affair with Music: I really liked singing and being part of the school choir. I loved learning Hindustani Classical Music. I did not like my last music teacher and just as teenagers as prone to do I rebelled against him and quit learning music citing the impending board exams as the reason. I wish I had continued. I wish I had taken it up again hen presented with the opportunity. But now I will so something about it and be back in the classes I loved.
  6. I think I have saved the biggest resolution for last. I will in 2008 figure out what is it I really want in life. Figure out what I REALLY want to do… and then do something about it.

Well that’s the end of my resolution list.. what have been your new year resolutions?? (Or are we already in that time of the year where the resolutions have long been given up on and all of us are back to our bad old ways!!)