Monday, March 12, 2007

A Break

Forgive my inability to rhyme as well as some people I know, this post is just an attempt to revive this inactive blog while I pen down some more random thoughts….

I wish I could take a break
not for a day, not just for the heck.
But a break to take a reality check.
Am I meant for this dust and grime
these excel sheets and strategy
on how to sell some more tea?
The question is not that I want more
but that it has to be more of everything.
More of fancy visiting cards and holidays on foreign shore
of Jp miles, of mall jaunts and inane intellectualizing.
I want more of art and music and pursuits literary
More of volunteering and philanthropy.
More of shopping and the idiot box,
more of yoga and romantic walks..
Wait dear reader I saved the best for last
I want more of the future and more of the past.
more of freedom and more of bondage
more of butter and more of bread
And finally more of the heart and more of the head

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Manasvi said...

This is excellent