Thursday, August 23, 2007

Of Posts and Comments

I had another thought for another post but then the lone, single but immensely encouraging comment on my last post made me abandon the other thought for the other post with glee, and I embarked upon my desperate plea for more such encouraging comments/reviews.

In the “Orkut” world an individual’s worth is measured by the number of friends, fans, scraps, testimonials and matrimonial/franship requests s/he has. In the blogger’s world a blogger is only as good or bad as the number of visitors on her page, the regularity with which posts are published, the use of technology to publish pictures, videos etc, the number of tags that one has, the number of comments that each post attracts and links to other similar esteemed bloggers.

Well all of you (yes all of the ten people who read this blog) have already figured out I am not an esteemed blogger. The number of “unique visitors” to my blog if I stretch it too far will be 10, the few lonely comments (one of which I forced my husband to make) on some of my posts reflect that these ten are apparently not engaged enough with my thought provoking, lucid and funny narratives. Refer to my technical PIS to understand why they haven’t been any funny pictures or “reveal too much” videos on the blog. No one has tagged me yet and I have not yet mustered the courage to link bloggers I admire to my post.

In this context the comment Inja made on my last post, was more than welcome, for three hours even the grimmest news could not wipe the grin off my face and the skip in my step and song on my lips was apparent to all and sundry. The aftereffects of the comment has forced me to send out an appeal to all my lurking readers to come out in the open and declare their love, hatred or general apathy towards my blog in the form of “comments”.

Once I set my eyes on the goal, like every marketing professional worth her salt I explored the various “media vehicles” I have to effectively communicate my fervent appeal to comment. Here were the options:

  1. Call up the 10 readers with a request/threat to post a comment on the blog
  2. Email them with a helpful link to the “post a comment” section of my last post
  3. Spam everyone on my mailing list with my blog’s link and a fervent appeal to save the nation and a dying child by publishing a comment on my blog.
  4. Use Orkut to send scraps to all and sundry

Well like a lot of marketing professionals I abandoned all the well thought of options and decided to pursue the appeal through a post itself. The reasons (yes I am a reasonable person, I find reasons to justify most absurd things I do) are as follows:

  1. I don’t trust the “unique visitors” of my blog to post a comment if the appeal remains private.
  2. What if my desperation doesn’t come across completely in the one liner I mail?
  3. (Some more marketing jargon here) A post about it ensures that the medium itself becomes the message!!!!
  4. Finally it helps me add another post to my sparsely populated blog (as was mentioned by Pritha in one of her comments)
So, here I am folks having made my pitch waiting for “you know what”!!!!!


Anshuman said...

due to the extreme desparation in the post, i as one of the readers and ur bro, am coming forward with my first comment...and really u shld not take this comment to be on this last post only but as a general advice on life and blogging.....


Nandy said...

u seem to have forgotten that I am ur elder sister therefore I only give advice never take it... therefore advice not taken!!!!

btw shdnt u be studying rather than commenting on ur sister's "happening life"??????????????

Priyanka said...

Ma' i have said b4, u shd seriously thin abt writing a book.

what is ur next blog gonna be abt and more important- when r u going to post it?

Injazz said...

ah! little did i know
a single comment
would make u show
some more talent!!
bravo! hurrah! many applause!
never have i seen a more fervent plea
all that thinging and that clause
of commenting, i oblige thee!

Nandy said...

Thanks Gals!!!!!
Inja u r the limerick queen!!!!!
Priyanka the enxt blog is coming up soon...

Mohit said...

good to see u still have ur sense of humour ... even the title says it ... but lagta hai aaj kal despair jaada hai :)

Nandy said...

Thanks Mohit..... but see the point is

fear not to show ur despair
coz readers like u do care
the next post will be hopeful and funny
like a morning bright and sunny
how have u been, its been really long
and that brings me to the end of my song!!!!!

Som said...

finally i managed to write a comment..
i think this one is brilliant...

waiting for the next one...

Nandy said...

thank u som!!!!! u r a sweetheart :)

Anonymous said...

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