Friday, June 23, 2006

Cliches are true... and they come to bite when least expected. During the course of the day two of them at least did.
What is even more ironic is that there are some pieces of "cliched" advice your parents keep doling out during your adolescence. You spend approximately ten years of your life fending off and arguing out those cliches with your harrowed parents and the balance years of your life realizing at the most unexpected moments what your parents said actually made sense.

Today was another such day for me: two CC (cliche commandments) came true for me...

  1. "The boss is always right"... after months and months of trying to disprove this one, hoping that the great HR "support" system will come to my rescue I realised they are really just that....a support system that even supports the scum of the earth... er... office ( in case its not clear its my erstwhile sick boss).
  2. "Work shall set you free"... after weeks of trying to come to terms with my erstwhile bosses idiosycrancies and the sheer injustice of the work world ... two hours of immersing myself in work did make me chirpy enough to write this blog and view the whole situation with a new found equanimity.

Armed with a new sense of unexplained optimism I am off to work and will be back hopefully sooner.

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