Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In the past year or so I have attempted to blog (albeit unsuccessfully) innumerable times. The reasons (rather lame excuses) that kept me away from this new fangled technical breakthrough that would give friends, foes and strangers a sneak peak into my contorted thought process are as follows:

  1. Sloth (The deadliest sin): My relentless pursuit of nothingness in college, vacations and during not so busy stints of my job kept me away from all other productive (?) activities.
  2. Temporary amnesia: Having overcome the first reason a number of times, my active participation was foiled by my sheer inability to recall either my blog name or my login name or my password. (Have noted all of the above this time to prevent such a disaster)
  3. Banality: I had nothing to write.

In the past one month during one of my not so busy stints I had the pleasure of going through the blogs of a couple of friends and a number of strangers. Having gone through their trials and tribulations I have decided to take the plunge.... the joy of being an "unpublished" writer far surpasses the fear of being judged and worse ridiculed. Who would really want to know my thoughts is a question I shall choose to ignore.

To throw light on the title of my blog (if that's what it is called) "kabhihopekabhidespair" : for people who know me I am a person of extremes, there are times of extreme happiness followed by those of extreme melancholy, extreme optimism followed by extreme pessimism, extreme anger followed by unreal forgiveness; annoying verbosity followed by worrying restraint, profound courage followed by loathable fear.... I guess this blog shall in the true sense mirror the extremities I manage to hide rather well otherwise.

Hope to keep writing here.....

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Animesh said...

welcome to the blogosphere N! Hope to see some interesting wordplay here :-).